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True Stories, The Narrative Project, Volume I

The essay, “Blessed in Singapore,” (an excerpt from her memoir, Square Up) details Lisa’s experiences in Singapore with her family. Struggling with grief and the rocky relationship with her mother, Lisa is blessed by a Buddhist monk and embraces the message of purifying negative energies and finds that her heart is lighter. She understands that she must actively work on her thoughts and emotions in order to see change. The time in Singapore sets the stage for the rest of the family’s journey around the world.

So Much Depends Upon…

Behold the egg!  Smooth, rounded, perfectly formed, fragile, its glowing center suspended in a malleable, translucent penumbra.  The same might be said of these thirty-five memoirs in which the past—formed a the fragile nexus, the malleable boundary of memory and imagination—is suspended in prose, contained in an essay.  You have but to crack open this book.

My essay, “One Word, Two Little Letters,” tells the story of my relationship with my childhood best friend and how that bond was broken. So much can depend upon so little… a handful of words can lift your spirits or gravely wound a friendship and the smallest of words—just two little letters—can destroy it forever.

You can purchase a copy of So Much Depends Upon… at Village Books in Fairhaven or order through Amazon.


Montana Mouthful

I have several photos that were selected to appear in Montana Mouthful’s inaugural issue entitled “firsts.” Montana Mouthful is an independent literary magazine devoted to publishing short fiction and nonfiction, poetry, and visual artwork

Seeing Bellingham Art Show

The Seeing Bellingham Group, a Facebook group showcasing more than 5,000 photographers from Bellingham and surrounding counties, recently held a call for submissions for the monthly art walk. One of my photographs was selected to be featured in the show in March 2018. With over 5,000 members, I was honored to be selected for this show.



iStock by Getty Images is one of the world’s leading stock content marketplaces, offering millions of hand-picked premium images at ridiculously low prices. I currently have over 450 images that have been accepted into the iStock portfolio. This number is growing all the time, keep checking back for updates.

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