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About Northwest Rambles

We’re so happy you’ve found us!

Our story started in our early twenies when Ray asked to be included in a game of volleyball. I reluctantly agreed, and quickly grew to enjoy his over-the-top personality. A friendship blossomed into more when Ray and I discovered we shared many of the same dreams and aspirations, especially when it came to travel. Fast forward many years and two kids (now adults) later and life just keeps getting better.

In 2015, we set off on an adventure that would change our lives. We packed our bags and traveled for seven months with our two teenage boys in tow, visiting 13 countries on 4 continents. Now as our boys begin their journey into adulthood, Ray and I are dreaming up trips for just the two of us. While we enjoy seeing popular attractions, the obscure, often overlooked corners of the world are the places we seek.

We know there are others out there who have the travel bug and desire to see more of the world, and we decided to showcase and share destinations and locations you might have otherwise missed. Our goal is to offer you destination-specific travel advice, stories of adventure and exploration, travel reviews, and inspiration to get out and see the world

Here you will find adventures off the beaten track like hiking volcanoes in Nicaragua or visiting a rat temple in India… adventures for those who are ready to graduate beyond the party scene but aren’t ready for a geriatric cruise. Maybe you’re looking for ways to maximize your paid time off, or maybe you’re looking to change your life completely, leaving behind the cubicle and embracing an adventure on the other side of the world. Maybe it’s something you’ve wanted your whole life, and nobody around you understands, but your desire for the adventure keeps the dream alive.

I’m guessing you ended up here because, like us, you’re looking for the ultimate escape, an immersive trip that isn’t the same thing everyone else is doing, or a life-changing experience… the kind only adventurers have.

Sound familiar?

We are an ordinary couple living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest when we aren’t globetrotting in search of adventure. When we first dreamed up a trip around the world, neither Ray nor I had much international travel experience, but we knew an adventure of this magnitude would be life-changing. We’ve dined on tarantula in Cambodia, trekked through the Himalayas in Nepal, visited the Door of No Return in Ghana. Throughout our journey we ditched guides and group tours, always seeking our own path and relying on locals to show us the hidden beauty of their cities and towns. 

Now we want to help you find adventure off the beaten track!

Lisa – As you read this, I am probably kicked back with a cup of coffee hoping I can stay in my pajamas all day. I am always dreaming up ways to travel more, play more, create more, explore more, and work less. I’m constantly adjusting my schedule to cram in as much as possible.  

Ray – Ray is nowhere to be found. Honestly, the man barely sits still. If he’s not at work, he is most likely out hiking the Chuckanut mountains discovering new trails and thinking about where in the world our budget can stretch furthest. Ray provides the comic relief in our family and the reason we laugh and smile all the time. 

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Countries and territories visited...

Bahamas ~ Cambodia ~ Canada ~ Chile ~ Costa Rica ~ England ~ Germany ~ Ghana ~ Guam ~ Iceland ~ India ~ Indonesia ~ Italy ~ Japan ~ Malaysia ~ Mexico ~ Myanmar ~ Nepal ~ New Zealand ~ Nicaragua ~ Portugal ~ Singapore ~ Spain ~ Switzerland ~ Thailand ~ Vietnam

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